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November 18, 2007
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The Female Body Type Chart by Candy2021 The Female Body Type Chart by Candy2021
UPDATED FOR 2011! this chart is out of date, please direct your attention to the new and improved version

Finally it's done!!! this was a little project I gave myself to do. to see how many different body types I could come up with- and this isn't even the tip of the ice burg folks!

and I'll tell you exactly why too. it annoys the living piss out of me when people put their character cast pictures up and there is NO body type differential at all. you'll get height differences and race differences IF YER LUCKY... but body type seems to come last ( sometimes race comes last in character development it depends on the person making the characters)) and I think... that having nothing but 6 foot tall Aryan super models in your cast is a very amateur mistake when it comes to character development. it's boring, and casts like this FAIL the silhouette test.

( fyi: the silhouette test is when you black out everything on your characters and line them up to see if other people can tell them apart from one another, to make the test extra hard make yer characters bald for the test)

" the world is not full of reds and blues it's full of wonderful shades and hues!" this is a quote from an ad - the product and the ad were horrible but those words were very true and i applied them to body types. the world is not full of fats and thins it's full of everything in between! I apply most of these to my own characters, also theres a few that got thrown in there just for shits and giggles and aren't to be taken too seriously.

I could add more to this chart but this is enough for now. it's mostly a personal reference but I do hope it's useful to others who are working on more chracter diversity in their lineup, I know I always am. I recommend "force: dynamic life drawing for animators" by Michael D mattesi for anyone who needs more reference.

Edit: Male version now here! - [link]

( NOTE: FILE IS HUGE! width wise, full view for the awesome)

Art & headless torso ladies :iconcandy2021:
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i thought petite was just thin and short not necessarily super flat
...Thank you so much for your thought out comment on my art work and not nit picking over my choice of words, it means so much to me.

the word petite means "small" and it's pretty open to interpretation.  but the main definition of the word is "(of a woman) having a small and attractively dainty build."
Who's Nichole Richie?
Checkerfrost Jan 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
pfffft Nichole Richie
im baby got back
I'm the petite one but i wanna get a boob job so I can be the sex toy body type. If only we all women looked like the sex toy body type.
DigitalUnicorn Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have no idea why you would want to get a boob job, I mean from small to large,  breasts are breasts.

And also, you don't have that natural look anymore. The most attractive breast size is medium,
small look great to and large are okay unless fake.
Well, who knows. Its because in my case, I often get somewhat crude remarks on how small-chested I am and skinny girls with huge fake boobs are complimented. Not fair. But at the same time, I just try to ignore this idea of getting a boob job as us small-breasted girls also have our advantages.
Advent-Autumn Aug 28, 2013   Traditional Artist
Hey, big-boobed girls get nasty remarks, too.  Yer not alone.  I'm a natural D-cup and I'm in between the "average" and "chubby" on this chart; a bit more than average but not to the extent of chubby (not that there's anything wrong with either).  I also know someone who literally 5 sizes larger than me NATURALLY.  Girls like us often get called sluts and whores just for having big boobs.  You're pretty much going to get comments no matter what you do, so don't let society be your only drive to change your body.

I'm sorry if you're not happy with your body, but if you want to get a boob job, that's still your choice, and you are free to do so!  :>  Just think about why you want to do it and the possible risks involved.  Remember, unfortunately people are still going to shame you for having implants since not everyone's happy with everything, but the most important thing is that YOU'RE okay with it and it's what YOU want.

And just because: personally I find flat chested, small-chested, medium-chested, and big-chested girls attractive.  They all have their special charms and there's so many diverse body types, I don't know how I could just pick just one.  xD
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