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Female Body Type Chart vr 2.0 by Candy2021 Female Body Type Chart vr 2.0 by Candy2021
:new:This Chart is officially one year old. So I will no longer be replying to comments on it, There should be plenty in the number it has already to entertain you, thank you so much for looking!

Drawn in 2007 I feel it is time to retire the Female Body Type Chart.

And pass the torch to an updated reference! So I bring to you The Female Body Type Chart Version 2.0! A chart that has been a long time coming.

Disclaimer: this is not a drawing tutorial! If you are looking for ways to improve on your drawing style or anatomy please consult a professional this chart is just to get those creative juices in your brain flowing.

A lot of people ask me “Oh Candy why do you make these charts?” Well, the original is the most faved and the most viewed thing in my gallery and being here for 7 years that says a lot. It says that people are hungry for diversity! And being less than impressed with the so called “size diversity” charts that are currently floating around I decided to make my own! I don’t claim any kind of anatomical correctness with this chart; I would hope that would be obvious with the ill-defined hands, feet and heads. But I know if I don’t mention it now someone will go “people don’t look like that! Go back to art school!” Because it happened on the last chart. Or worse someone is going to complain about my comments on this picture because they got offended at something I said.

Can we skip all that this time around? I’m really not in the mood for a game of Miss the Point. it’s a chart about body type diversity not every girl looks the same, I can't possibly include every body type there is, I’m making a male one as we speak just take it for what it’s worth to you or don’t take it at all. :shrug:

Average – neither fat nor thin, according to the LA times the average woman is a size 14 in US sizes. She’s not fat and she’s not skinny she’s somewhere in-between.

Fat – yea that’s right! I called that bitch fat. I’m not going to call her “fluffy” or “husky” or “curvy” or any churched up version of the word Fat. It’s a word we need to stop being afraid of! FAT!...fat is not a swear word, it’s not an insult, it doesn’t equal ugly…Fat is a descriptive physical characteristic and nothing more. She knows she’s fat and and she owns it.

Athletic – the Athletic type is another in-betweenie. She’s not muscle bound but she is far from frail. Think lean muscle, like Tennis players, swimmers and female boxers. This types most striking features are slight muscle definition. Enough to be seen but not enough to overwhelm.

Buff – THIS is our Muscle-bound lady the girl hits the GYM but that does not make her any less feminine, as a rule of thumb with my ladies is that their shoulders should never be wider than their hips, this lady is the exception to the rule since extra muscle adds mass and creates the illusion of wide shoulders. Think female body builders, wrestlers and super heroines.

Boteroesque – one of my more controversial ladies, named after Fernando Botero who made a name for himself painting not just big people REALLY big people. This is the biggest person of size I have ever drawn and I’m not going to lie to you guys, it was a lot of guesswork there are virtually NO tutorials on how to draw large figures and the 2 that I did find? Were of men…so she may not be 100% accurate but I REALLY wanted to include on the chart someone who was over 250 pounds, so I aimed for 400.

“Kate Moss” – My other controversial lady, but sadly she’s one we see way more often than the above…I know everyone probably wondering “why didn’t you just name her the Anorexic type Candy!?” because not everyone who is this thin starves themselves to be that way. And whether I like it or not this is a valid character body type. I know that a great deal of them are people who deny themselves food to be like celebrities like Kate Moss but some are like Lizzie Velasquez whatever her reasons are for looking this way this body type is here to stay and can be used as a plot device just like any of the other types.

Petite –a very lithe frame and a low body fat percentage gives this type a slim streamline look with small but perky breasts and the bottom of the rib cage just barely visible, I advise against adding more rib definition than that as it seems to raise a lot of eye brows about your characters eating habits.

Pear Shaped – a.k.a “child bearing hips” it’s like the average type and the petite type had a baby! And the weight from average went right to petites hips and thighs! And there’s no shame in it! The pear shape is quite common in women which is a good thing too because she’s going to need those hips if she aspires to be a mommy some day! Good thing too since women with wider hips have smarter babies, the pear shape is a very misunderstood type since for some bizarre reason most women are under some sort of delusion that if they have wide hips they are fat…when fat is related to fat and hip width is related to skeletal structure…I’ll never understand women, I should a been born a man.

Hour Glass – a shape that made Jessica Rabbit a star and Ralph Bakshi famous! With an iddy biddy waist, a large bust and a butt to match the hour glass is the most easily recognizable womanly shape, perfect for those sex kitten arch types.

Sex Toy – the sex toy is unfortunately a common character type ( note: not a women type. a character type) more often than not drawn by men who have never seen or been with a women or by women who have quite possibly the lowest self esteem imaginable. This type happens when you make the petite super insecure to that she goes and gets breast implants because that is about the only real explanation for why such a thin framed figured would have such large breasts. It’s not realistic but we see it a lot.

Pudgy / Chubby/ Some Extra Baggage – you’ll debate among yourselves and probably with me whether this body type is “fat” or not. Especially in a world where a size 0-2 is what a lot of women aspire to be and where if she was model she would be considered “plus size” (fun fact: plus size modeling starts at size 4 GOD what a bunch of Fatties!) But the truth is she’s just a lazy version of the average type.

this is just how I draw different body types and at the end of the day I hope that you can apply these ideas to how you draw.

This is only the tip of the ice berg when it comes to different body shapes and sizes! But I hope it has opened your mind a little bit to a world of possibilities! That all these types exist and they can all be beautiful! Whether or not they are all “healthy” is not up for debate. Since not all Original characters are healthy nor are all people healthy but unless anyone is making a series with a cast of fitness instructors how healthy a cartoon character is shouldn’t enter into it. BUT for the nay sayers ANYWAYS who a think that “healthy” only comes in one size, need I remind you that Olympic Athletes are the peak of physical condition that is it possible to have and even they come in many shapes & sizes.

TL;DR: Humans come in all shapes and sizes, shouldn’t the character we make come in different packages too? Every size can be beautiful but no size is more beautiful then the one that you are :) mix and match to find new types!

There’s more tutorials on body type diversity in my club, :iconfat-and-happy:’s Gallery! I hope you all like the chart and I hope it helps anyone whose looking on expand their horizons and draw outside the box! :heart: thanks for reading!

if your looking for a more technically accurate representation *ghostarin was kind enough to do this wonderful red line at my request! please see here.

the chart will be updated at some point but this will do for now.

Download For Bigger View!

If you’re interested in some of my other pieces on character diversity and types please see

The Male Body Type Chart Coming Soon!

Art © :iconcandy2021:
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Fronkie-Syein Featured By Owner 22 hours ago  New member
me athletic but with a big ass 
Idera Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
pudgy and pear shaped cause i got a belly lol
NiftyNautilus Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I'm glad that you know more about the correct way to draw a woman's body rather than just using the "sexy" one on the chart. My art style is loosely inspired from Tim Burton, and as a result, I usually draw women with long limbs, stretched-out torsos, long, slender fingers and necks, and usually very little chest because my style is cartoony and because I want them to have a "creepy + graceful" look. (More like the "petite" one.)
Your chart is pretty helpful for reference if I want to draw a woman with a different body type, though. I've been working on how to draw the "athletic female" one, because that's hard for me, and I am also working on drawing the body molds for elderly women (in my style, they are often slightly emaciated and bent over), and I even have a female character with a hunchbacked body mold (think Igor). 
Thanks for making this chart because I find the elderly, the deformed, and muscular or fat people to be extremely hard to draw. When I draw muscular people (and by that I mean with biceps and abs and stuff), I always accidentally make them look like gorillas and make them way taller than they should be. When I draw fat people, they are uniformly 5 feet tall, it seems, and as I do NOT want to get detailed on flab rolls and stuff, I always make them have arms as long as their torsos and really short legs. XD
Candy2021 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
Thank you for the thought! I really appreciate that my chart made an impact on you! I love Tim Burton. his work is uniquely creepy and unsettling. One thing though: the features you just described?  "Long limbs, stretched-out torsos, long, slender fingers and necks, and usually very little chest" is pretty common traits that just about everyone who wants to draw thin, idealized "perfect" figures uses. it's not Tim Burtons fault he largely sticks to this limited set of guidelines when it comes to drawing humans, he is the product of a thin obsessed society who largely ignore the fact that plus size or muscular people even exist, let alone would think about including them in their cartoons.

THAT BEING SAID; Tim Burton has drawn plus sized women - I can't find his sketchbook but he does have plus size female characters and has drawn plus size males. so obviously he's drawn them at some point and they don't look any less burtonesque but because they are bigger folks and is a style is successful no body should look any less like the artists style just because they're shaped differently. Winx club style is notorious for sticking to slender and only slender female forms - but if I tried really hard I could probably draw a muscular winx club babe and have her still look like she belongs in the winx universe. that is one of the many challenges we face as artists!

Unfortunately. most drawing books and even classes just focused on teaching us how to draw ONE body. thin, young, toned and usually white. This is a huge problenm for artists who wnat to diversify their cast because half of the time we aren't even aware that we are doing it. you have to go out of your way to learn how to draw the plus size, the muscular, the deformed and the elderly because as a society we "don't like to see these things" especially in women, it's sad but it is true. it's sad because we know real people don't just come in that one type I mentioned. they come in SO MUCH MORE. people's skin color range from albino white to black as the night. some are thin some are fat some have rippling muscles, some have pimples, crooked teeth, ratty hair, scars, body hair, freckles, cleft chins, big eye brows, tattoos, piercings, prosthetic limbs, wrinkles - I could go ON of the literally hundreds of thousands of combinations human beings come in - but we don't utilize this chex mix bag of traits, because not all of them are "pretty" so we stick to the "safe", cute features. MAYBE toss some one a bone every now and then and give someone buck teeth or freckles but for the most part these things go unnoticed and ignored unless it's to mock an individual.

I'm really excited to hear that you are interesting in drawing different bodies! this is excellent! every artist should want to learn this! it's really a great skill to have! the best tutorial I've ever found for drawing chubby ladies is this one. I recommended it to everyone and it usually helps them, I hope it helps you! in case it doesn't here is another one I think suits your art needs. If you would like to see more, I have more in my journal. and I have a very fast and basic cheat sheet I made myself.

I really like your art style and I think you have a lot of potential! keep going and keep growing!
NiftyNautilus Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you! The fact that 90% of humans I draw are willowy-like has more to do with easiness to draw, the art style itself, and aesthetic reasons. I think that it may be a "write what you know" thing, and I tend to focus on the head the most out of the body. Drawing a character's face and hair is just fun to mess around with. So, yeah, giving a character a thin body allows you to look more at the head.
Another reason may be that a major feature of my style is that most, if not all, physical features are symbolic of the character's personality. For instance, a girl's cateye glasses can indicate her nerdy-yet-cute personality, or a character's mismatched socks may indicate madness. Same with body types. The standard ones for my characters do not indicate any personality traits, but I usually use a character's musculature to indicate that they are athletic, strong, and likely won't give up without a fight. If a character is fat, that can be either mild laziness at best and downright hedonism at worst. Again, based on experiences with people in the last two categories.
Humans are genetically diverse, and over time, we have come to associate this with this and that with that. Is this okay if I draw this way?
Candy2021 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
well, drawing diverse bodies. is a lot like drawing anything else- you have to learn how to do it and you don't get better at it by avoiding it. like...I really hate drawing feet... but I couldn't just give everyone I draw bloody stumps of no feet at all - so i had to learn. Now I'm kind of okay at drawing feet.

if you like drawing faces and heads, then draw more portraits- don't make everyone the same size because of this, because I'm gonna be honest with you babe... it sounds like an excuse and a pretty lame one at that. people are constantly looking for excuses to justify excluding different bodies (especially big ones)  from their art and I've heard them all - that's a new one. but it's not a good one.

THAT last statement however?... is super inaccurate, based on negative stereotypes and 100% not true. and no, it's not okay to draw based on a very limited number because it reenforced bad things about not bad people.

to say that all big bodies represent laziness / hedonism and all thin bodies represent nothing... is bad for BOTH of those body types. Because you're basically that all fat people are losers and all skinny people are lucky / didn't work hard for the body they have.   that skinny is the 'default" human being and everyone else is "other" and that is simply not true. Fat people compete in the Olympics.  they are just as strong, fast and able as any thin person who works hard at their craft.  the Olympics are easily the peak of human psychical fitness and Olympians come in many sizes, fat, skinny, muscular, short, amputated and so on. Some thin people go to extremes to get the body they have, they starve, they crazy exercise, they calorie count- and some do nothing...they just have "good genes"

so, really... a characters body can say whatever you want it to say. If people wan't to believe negative sterotypes about a person based on the body they have, that's entirely their problem and not the problem of the body they're looking at.

to say that any ONE body means this or that... is a stereotype. that would be like saying that "the 9/11 terrorists we're Muslim! so every Muslim person must be a terrorist!" that's racism. and to assume anything about a person based on their weight? is sizeism.

You can never tell a persons health or level of physical fitness level just by looking at them. to assume all fat people are unhealthy is like assuming that all skinny people are healthy - and we know the second one isn't true, so why would the first one be?

you could make a fat super hero... or a skinny lazy degenerate bum. how the character turns out is based on how you portray them.

but please don't buy into stereotypes. I don't know how old you are but you're still in school and way too young to be thinking in such a narrow way. I suggest checking out some of the links I provided in the description of this. it may open your mind a little 8)
NiftyNautilus Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I don't mean to be offensive.
Candy2021 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
well, that's gonna be offensive to a lot of people unless you work on it.
NiftyNautilus Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I never mean my drawings to be offensive. And to get it off my chest-I actually do feel uncomfortable drawing fat people most of the time for reasons I don't know.
Candy2021 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014
The drawings themselves?... are probably not offensive.  but you're attitude towards the plus size population is. And people looking at your gallery will notice if you treat them differently. the audience is very aware of what's missing. they always are.

I gotta give you some credit, you at least have SOME plus size people in your gallery which is saying something since on average most artists have zero.  however if all you're portraying them as is lazy and gluttonous.... I don't know if this is a good thing.

It's unfortunate that you feel that way, but not surprising since our society as a whole hates fat people and does whatever it can to bring them down.  As for you, if you want a career in art / animation / comics, you're going to have to get over yourself if you want to survive and thrive. Because your audience / watchers? come in many shapes, sizes and colors and they are going to want to see themselves represented in good ways.

But hey... If you want to rehash the same old stories and stereotypes that have been retold by literally everyone a thousand times over and over again, I can't stop you.

I gave you the tools to be revolutionary, these are things it took me time to learn the hard way. If you don't want to use them, that's on you.
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