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August 19, 2011
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Diamond in the Rough by Candy2021 Diamond in the Rough by Candy2021
Dawn of the Dance outfit for Peter!

Much thanks to everyone who was in today's live stream and watched me create this! :heart:

Peter gets a different colored BG than all the rest because he already wears so much purple he would get lost in a sea of purple. but yes! Peter made his own outfit ;) but he wouldn't tell you that. I had a lot of fun with his hair too, if the girls can have magic long / short hair when it's convenient why can't the guys?


edit: I've removed Peters ferocious cheekbones... they made him look a bit too mature. I think this works better.

Peter Zwarte :iconcandy2021:
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Linear-Toffee Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011
That is a killer outfit! I really want those shoes and waistcoat :nod: The removed cheekbones looks great too, it does make him look more teenage now. I’m also loving the range of poses and expressions to these dawn of the dance photos, everyone is reacting to a formal photo in different ways :D
zombielily Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2011  Student Digital Artist
I quite like him WITHOUT the cheek bones for the same reason you removed them. I think its a good choice!

I`d like to point out that your perspective on characters is definitely getting stronger, and I really like the shoes on him! The contrast with the character and background is excellent, and I really like his limited colours. When I look at this character, I can totally tell that you own him ;P Just with the vest, skull buttons and purple! It works very well though, and I love that his hair is a light purple!
Candy2021 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Yeeeea they made him look like 10 years older than he's supposed to.

but thank you so much! I'm glad I am especially proud of his shoes! a lot of my focus has been on feet and footwear lately and I am glad it shows!

me have trade marks? naaaah. never, your seeing things!
pink-converses Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my gosh, his outfit is so amazing, I love it! I'm so jealous of your designing skills, gosh. Everything's balanced out so nicely, and he looks so handsome with spiked up hair. <3 I'm also digging those piercings.
Candy2021 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011  Student Digital Artist
AHH thank you! I was trying fairly hard to keep this balanced! I', glad it shows! I can't take ALL the credit for his outfit it was inspired by something I saw in a mens catalog. ;) just with my own unique touches.
Poezekate Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2011
Wow! he looks like some kind of rockstar!
AgentC-24 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, that waitcoat! :wow: Verrry striking and detailed in design. :lol: Nonetheless, a great overall outfit and an excellent pic, pal! :D
ShadyShads Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011
Agreed in the magic hair subject.

And I love purple! And pinstripe vests!! He combines clothes very well, in my opinion. And if he makes them, even better! Question!! Those dark circles on his eyes are makeup or sleepless nights?
Candy2021 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011  Student Digital Artist
thank you!

it's make up! :D he wears it on the regular but here he's wearing more than usual.
time280 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011
I apsilutally adore Peter and Wouk have loved to watch the live stream unfortunately I was too late
Peter is just the most amazin ever and who is he going with
Or is he free?
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