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July 25, 2012
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Air Quality Advisory is in Effect by Candy2021 Air Quality Advisory is in Effect by Candy2021
:new: New Character Alert!

With the new school year approaching I've decided to retire some of my lesser used Monster High OC's to make room for new ones.

first of the bunch if Stanford! if his last name looks familiar its' because he is related to Ox! He is the son of
The Noxious Offender...The Toxic Avenger's "evil counterpart"

He's transferring to Monster High from Nuke 'Em high to "keep an eye on his cousin" those of you who follow Stan's tumblr know that him and Ox have a complex relationship. While they have a lot in common such as being toxic in different ways. Ex: Ox is Toxic liquid based and Stan is toxic gas based, meaning he can float, breathe harmful fumes and disappear. He isn't quite as dangerous to be around as Ox because lots of Stanford's organs have been replaced with synthetic ones So he no longer needs to carry around a filter or be stored away in isolation or a contamination unit like Ox does. while that's a perk he has his own set of problems, such as the fact since he breathes noxious fumes his teeth were worn away and had to be replaced with metal ones.

He comes from a home that is not so nice. His Father has abused both him and his mother emotionally, physically and sexually. While his mother almost never leaves the house Stanford is frequently dragged out to assist his father as the poser boy for his synthetic organ research and selling drugs to help fund said research. He takes a lot of his misplaced aggression out on himself and has a long history of self mutilation and eating disorders. But he has practiced the art of behaving like everything is perfectly okay. Selling drugs is a lucrative industry so he has nice clothes and drives an expensive car but it's all a front to give off the illusion that he's perfectly fine when nothing could be further from the truth.

The few who DO know about his living situation all tell him to "get out" or "seek help" but it's much more complicated than much more.

but more on that later! I've already said too much!

His home life ASIDE he has made a few friends with people who already attend Monster High who he will be joining in class when school starts up again in the fall. And since Stanford can't seem to do ANYTHING easily he already has a bit of drama going on in his social life. He has beautiful girls chasing after him and he does not know how to handle that because his whole life it has been drilled into his very being that he is worthless, horrible and a failure that everyone would be better off without. He experiences very deep seeded self loathing and you know how the old saying goes..if you don't love yourself, how can you expect to love someone else?

Friends: Quorra Nero, Apocallypso Bruttenholm, Noctis Morthanos, Boo Boogie, Bree Kelly Ankou, Derreck Head

Stan's tumblr

Theme music

Zeds Theme
Bed of Roses
Knife Called Lust
Dysfuncional Family
Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Fan art of Stanford

Stanford Junko :iconcandy2021:
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Emoscreammm Feb 17, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm thinking Black Veil Brides with this character! It's  a cool character
that's the vibe I was going for!
TheCraftRaccoon Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He is a bit scary,but awesome too!Weird sort of goth ntheme lol.Also,when i saw the cat thing,i immediatally got this image in my head of him on his hands and knees stuffing himself with cat food,and natishi's in the background like....wut?Stare
Don't judge me.I have weird idea outbursts ok?
he's supposed to be a little unsettling.

Nashiti regrets dating him every day she sees him at school.
TheCraftRaccoon Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well,he is.
Poor girl-lucky thing that she is appreciated though!Why did they date?How did it work?^^
They dated because they thought the other was cute, they got together while at the same summer camp they went too dated all summer but it didn't work, hence why they are no longer together.

she's much happier with Hedward now.
TheCraftRaccoon Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm really happy for her,but wut about cynthylla???
She cared about her a lot.

but Hedward gave up a lot to be with her and it wouldn't be fair on Nashiti's part to go " even though you care about me and you broke up with your girlfriend and all went through all this emotional turmoil because of me...I'm gonna date someone else"

She did like him first.
TheCraftRaccoon Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
True,but poor cynthylla.I hope she gives her a chance one day.
Seems unlikely that she would be unfaithful to Hedward now that they're dating.

but I still ship them so the art will never go away!
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